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Astrologer GianPaolo DiCocco Discusses His Clients and Talks About Their Readings On His Facebook

Lol! Very funny!

He love it.

Above: Review on YScam.com
If Gianpaolo make fun of you after your Reading on his Facebook or Twitt, don't be mad. He only Making Astrology Great. Your reading can make his channels more entertain!

Or he being proud to show good advice he gave you. He wise. Everybody do what he say! He will comment on your chart on worldwide web that gives GianPaolo fun.

Or he mad you for being obstreperous or irrascible. Don't be Irrascible to GianPaolo! He greatest! Must not make GianPaolo mad he might curse you! Don't be embarassed when Gianpaolo talk about you on his Facebook. He entertainer!

Are you without hope and pained? GianPaolo could help you give up.

tells one of his secrets of Chart Analysis:

GianPaolo smirking shows love of Humanity! Don't be irrascible to GianPaolo, or he might tell all about you on his Facebook then you sad.

GianPaoloGonna Get You!
Are you bad mother? Find out from GianPaulo. He will tell the others also.
You desire a reading about your son? Careful GianPaolo might tell you are bad mother
and make fun of you on his Facebook after reading. But this is how astrology is become great.
Below: Actual Facebook posts DiCocco made about a client and the reading he gave her:

GianPaolo might even find good picture to tease you. His followers will also join in to mock you! Making Astrology Great!
GianPaolo promised us he will dress up as Joan Crawford, but he shy.


Careful what GianPaolo say! Might make u sad or do suicide But he Greatest!


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