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43 Weird Facts About  Paul DiCocco

GianPaolo DiCocco -- Making Astrology Creepy
GianPaolo DiCocco Sexually Harassing His Client During Reading
The client wasn't pleased. In his paid reading DiCocco: Reads canned text from astrology books and software  / Shows his ineptitude as an astrologer  /  Talks dirty to the client  /  Invites her to give her property to him  /  Propositions coming to her house (often) for sex.
(Caution: His astrology reading contains obscene language.)

All are encouraged to flag DiCocco's posts herehere,  here  and often at his YouTube videos when you see DiCocco do bullying, death threats, doxing, hate, racism, etc. Flag away! Let's make Astrology Authentic Again! (And Decent.)

1 .
His predictions fail.

From a bare room in his mom's house that serves as a Worldwide Slander Camp "GianPaolo" DiCocco  keeps making predictions on Youtube that flop. Since he believes the main purpose of astrology is to predict events, he's getting increasingly embarrassed. (With a second main purpose, perhaps, of vilifying the character of his competitors using "their chart.")  DiCocco made three  videos  predicting Queen Elizabeth of England  would die by the end of September 2017. When the date passed he deleted all three videos.

DiCocco predicted that Marine Le Pen would win the French election, multiple times in two Youtube videos and also based on a Tarot card reading just to be sure.

Queen 'Lilibet' -- still kicking.

More recently DiCocco predicted evangelist Billy Graham would have a sex scandal but said "I'm not predicting his death." Four  months later  Graham died -- without any sex scandal. Read about other GianPaolo DiCocco prediction fails here. After making a prediction DiCocco sometimes changes the text and facts of his prediction if it looks like it's not coming true, or he enlarges the window in which it 'might happen.'


Making astrology hate: GianPaolo DiCocco, Sudden Youtube Astrologer Of Pasadena
Born Paul DiCocco September 24, 1983, 2:48 pm, Valley Stream, NY

DiCocco sexually harasses his paying clients during his "readings," using vulgar sexual language

In this audio recording of one of his paid readings, starting around 4:35
DiCocco sexually harasses his paying client, using obscene language
(perhaps also trying to arouse himself?), and he propositions the client for a sexual get-together.


GianPaolo DiCocco's "Renaissance hat" lists for $2.16 at Carnival Source.

He is an Inexperienced Astrologer Who Simply Reads From Books
For his "Readings" Instead of Having a Grasp of Astrology or Insight Of His Own

DiCocco does readings to a tape recorder, not in person, so he doesn't really get to know his client, can never find out if what he says is wrong, or get new questions from the client as they arise. This video documents how his "readings" consist of him reading from popular astrology books and software text, changing the wording slightly to hide what he is doing. He clearly is lacking his own experience, knowledge and insight into astrology and natal charts.

The "Attack Reading" -- DiCocco uses astrology for war and as a vehicle for malice.

DiCocco's core impulse is to morally smear people under color of astrological authority.
  Attacking a growing list of enemies, he uses "the natal chart" 
as a ruse to impugn the character of others, especially competing astrologers.  (He can't even resist using their charts to mock and attack his own clients.) Thus he roils and spoils to acquire natal charts of whatever astrologer he currently wishes to target. Any time he's seeking the natal chart of another he presents it as his threat:

'Wait till I get your natal chart. You're finished then. (Because I'll smear you like the rest.)'

Everybody's terrorized about "GianPaolo" doing his special forte on them: An "Attack Reading." As he attacks it typically has no basis in literature, research, or even lore. He doesn't give examples of even 3 other people who had the same factor. (Thirty would be more respectable, though still not enough to justify impugning someone.) He simply presumes to have "astrological authority" based on his pick of Trump. An experienced astrologer knows that no technical factor ensures anything--even if one has actually studied a lot of cases. An ethical astrologer will not impute negatives that are unknown. For example, Mars-square-Pluto may be associated with violence. But for every 10 known violent men who have Mars-square-Pluto, there will be 90 men (probably 900) who are not violent. His use of astrology is negative, unethical, dishonest and adds nothing good to the field. For a chuckle here is a page mocking the "DiCocco Technique -- How to Find Serial Killers." Following is an example of a GianPaolo DiCocco attack reading, this one attacking "Peace Dealer" who posted a video critical of DiCocco:

A DiCocco "Attack Reading"
Above: A typical Attack Reading by DiCocco. His grandiose use of "revelations" implies his statements are true. He projects character defects onto his target. The target here is called a "behind the scenes demon." He copy-pastes spooky lore about the Fixed Stars, straight and unadorned. (Does this even rise to the level of "cookbook astrologer"? Where's the cooking, even? ) Then he makes negative predictions. Based on reports and his own posts, DiCocco even does these attack readings on his paying clients.

Below is a recent absurd attack attempted by DiCocco hoping to discredit Matthew Currie as an astrologer. DiCocco's been attacking Currie for many months. DiCocco asserts that Currie does not have "an astrologer's chart." Beneath that comes a comment by Julian Lee about Currie's chart showing DiCocco has merely asserted this based on nothing, and that Currie actually has many strong "astrologer" aspects, including those matching famous influential astrologers. He shows that DiCocco doesn't have real experience looking at charts, and has no idea what kind of factors are actually present in the charts of strong astrologers. In other words, the comment by DiCocco below is just rubbish DiCocco pulled out of his ass as usual. He simply hopes that the public, not experienced with looking at astrology seriously, will just accept his statements.

Julian Lee's answer to above DiCocco post:
FB link
 Sensing that his "astrological authority" has become a bust and his attack readings are having no effect, DiCocco is now turning to  other metaphysicians to use for Attack Readings, hoping they will subvert their honesty and study to serve DiCocco's slander agenda. On March 30 he announced he would be interviewing an "international numerologist." (Whatever that is.) He is going to ask the numerologist to use numerology to smear DiCocco's enemies. Careful not to give his name, DiCocco likely fears the numerologist might get wind of DiCocco's reputational stench before getting lured into the association. We'll see how that flies...

His own shit failing to impress and having been caught in so many prediction fails and  blatant falsehoods, DiCocco tries to enlist other occultists to prostitute themselves for him and throw shit at people, next with numerology -- under color of their "occult authority" since DiCocco's authority, whatever it was, is shot.

Below: Apparently finding his skill in astrology insufficient, DiCocco enlisted "a friend" to do a second Attack Reading on Peace Dealer. Apparently the "friend" does not want to be known as they join in to help DiCocco abuse astrology. Notice that it's all negative, all dire predictions.


While DiCocco accuses other astrologers of downgrading the "sacred science," DiCocco wrote that he use canned "lines" in his readings. He described how he does readings on his Facebook: 

Within just a few months of starting doing "readings" DiCocco got a very negative review on The customer stated that DiCocco immediately began trying to sell them a more expensive "reading" for getting moved up in his long "waiting list."

8 .
He makes death threats against other astrologers.

DiCocco was arrested for making criminal threats in the San Francisco area around August 6, 2015. He told about it to the board of AstrologyWeekly posting as PD187540. This arrest was apparently expunged from the public record. (You can pay money in the state of California to have this done.) He may have gone to paralegal school for the sake of doing this kind of legal cleanup cheaply. He blamed the arrest on his locational astrologer Julian Lee, who recommended that he live in San Francisco. He also blamed his "problems with roommates" on Lee. More recently DiCocco has made many online criminal threats against Lee.

Though DiCocco makes the most death threats against Lee, he makes death threats against other people also. This from 4/2/2018 on Facebook:

Recently DiCocco stated publicly that he acquired somebody's wallet at a garage sale, presenting it as a sale item to the vendor, thus acquiring the wallet which he knew contained IDs and $106 cash. As a further sign of his grandiosity DiCocco openly bragged about the theft on his Facebook. He crowed about how clever he was to acquire the wallet by stealth. To justify it he stated that the owner was an illegal, and threatened that he might report him to authorities. (For some types it's never any fun to screw people unless you can do a double- or triple-screw.) He stated later that he returned the wallet (he didn't say how), but kept the cash. Is this a sign DiCocco doesn't get as many readings as he presents and is hard up for cash?

He creates and posts fake screenshots.

predicting that Donald Trump would be assassinated, the chutzpah king DiCocco said he wanted to be "Trump's astrologer." He photoshopped and posted a fake Tweet from Donald Trump praising DiCocco for being smart. 

11 .
The Sudden Astrologer

 In 2013 Paul DiCocco (GianPaolo later) was not even familiar with his own natal chart. He was living with his mother, chronically unemployed with difficulty staying employed.  At that time he'd decided he wanted to be an undertaker (mortician). (He has stated during his posting career as PD187540 that he really enjoys cutting up dead bodies to release "all my pent-up murderous energies.") Soon after that he changed his mind and tried to become a paralegal, possibly to assist with expunging an arrest in San Francisco from the public record. By 2016 DiCocco was somehow suddenly a popular and notorious YouTube astrologer heavily marketing himself, selling cups and shirts with a "Maga" gimmick, and promoting himself as a voice of "the cosmos." He began his astrology career by attacking other astrologers (who he'd been getting readings from for years). When DiCocco got a reading from Locational Astrologer Julian Lee in 2013 he apparently did not even know his own natal positions. Lee had the wrong birth year and named incorrect positions throughout the reading without a peep from DiCocco. Then DiCocco happily moved to California based on this reading.

Below is an account by another astrologer who had dealings with DiCocco starting 2013. It closely matches the account related by Julian Lee who was contacted by DiCocco in 2013:

DiCocco states that he intends his logo to represent the male genitalia.

In later 2017 DiCocco was fired from another job in medical technology services for being obnoxious. Apparently in another conflict with others, he deliberately left an obscene message viewable on his computer screen saver to offend his peers or superiors. He told all this on posts at his Facebook or Youtube, though he may have now deleted them. When the east coast DiCocco came to astrologer Julian Lee for help, he related a litany of job dismissals or firings up to that time. This new firing was in Southern California, where DiCocco stated he had found, by his own superior knowledge, his lucky place and his Shangri-La.

His sole claim to fame: Imitating astrologer Julian Lee's Trump nod

DiCocco bases his credibility on the fact that he predicted a Trump win. Mr. Lee, who doesn't claim to do mundane astrology, informally signified a Trump win months earlier than DiCocco. After the election Lee didn't say a word about his tweets. DiCocco has been observed making statements about astrology as his own knowledge which he picked up from Lee. Lee not only gave the nod to Trump months before DiCocco, but also made reference to the fact that many astrologers have liberal politics and let that skew their readings on politicians. DiCocco has been following the online writing of Lee obsessively for several years. In his big founding video (on Trump), both views of Lee -- about Trump winning, and liberal bias in astrology -- were presented by DiCocco as his own, all while attacking Lee in a "first rob, then attack" impulse. 

The Blackmailing Astrologist
In his bid to suppress criticism of himself, DiCocco uses threats, intimidation, doxing, and blackmail.

Instead of contributing something or being a serviceful astrologer, in his quest to get a place at the astrology table DiCocco relies on  defamation, threats, and blackmail. DiCocco feels he must threaten and blackmail other astrologers in order to survive and make any income in astrology. He assumes fake identities trying to dig "dirt" on astrologers he's crossed words with. Recently he approached Julian Lee's ex-wife from 25 years ago, posing as a "private investigator." In his desperate quest to harm competing astrologers, plus stifle criticism of himself, he began threatening to blackmail them with his diggings, often simply bluffing that he has some big secret. When a video was uploaded that criticized him by "PeaceDealer" he began trying to find dirt on PeaceDealer to publish. DiCocco claims he has highly placed contacts in law enforcement and the F.B.I. that can find anything out about his growing list of "enemies." He revealed the past drunk driving conviction of another astrologer. (Projection Rule: Did DiCocco lose his license for drunk driving?) He looked up and published registration infractions associated with one of Julian Lee's vehicles.

 DiCocco has begun doxing whatever astrologer he's targeting for the day, listing their address as a form of harassment.  He listed Julian Lee's addresses going back more than 30 years. Many of his doxing posts have been deleted by Facebook, which has taken to giving him 30-day bans. He recently fumed that he will dox private information on any person who uploads a video critical of him. When Lee began responding to DiCocco's extreme online slander with a few sites that deconstructed him, DiCocco escalated. Presently he is threatening to release Julian Lee's Social Security Number on the internet if Lee doesn't take down these sites. (Several times Lee has proposed full deletions on both sides, but DiCocco only responds with agitation and insults.)

Below: DiCocco sent this blackmail-and-threat email to PeaceDealer on March 25, 2018.
The blurred  bit at end is where DiCocco wrote Michael's personal address, which he he dug up, the more to  threaten him.
In the email he cries out, like an angry child, for affirmation as an astrologer.

Some recent blackmail and doxing threats by DiCocco against competing astrologers:

The hate-speech specialist DiCocco crows about getting a funny joke by Currie deleted.
(He complains about "censorship" elsewhere.)
The Blackmailing Astrologist is making astrology great again!

His main occupation is attacking the abilities or character of other astrologers.

Due to his continual attacks on other astrologers GianPaolo DiCocco has been banned from advertising in the prestigious Mountain Astrologer magazine. As he fumed about it, sue-happy as ever, he threatened the magazine with a lawsuit, as usual hoping to become wealthy by litigation and legal robbery. He crows: "I have a good chance of actually owning the magazine myself."

DiCocco appears to believe that the world has a shortage of astrology clients, and the only way he can scare up a few readings for himself is to attack all the other astrologers. He spends so much time attacking other astrologers (and building dossiers on their character) -- one wonders how he finds time to be a working astrologer and actually try his hand at readings. The following Youtube poster gives an incomplete list of the astrologers he has attacked:

Other names may be included here.

When DiCocco looks at the natal charts/transits of other persons he sees negativity, dire things, sin, character defects, misfortune. When he talks about his own chart and transits it's all glorious, positive, fortunate.

Above: DiCocco brags about his natal chart. In abundant literature there are many negative traits associated with Saturn-Conjunct-Pluto, including cruelty, obsessive quest for power, and many mistakes made.

Facebook is DiCocco's primary platform. In Feb. 2018 DiCocco got a 30-day ban from his Facebook in Feb. 2018 DiCocco for making threats against Julian Lee (and possibly others). He lied on his Twitter about the reason for his absence:

He also tweeted that he was "fasting from Facebook for a month." 
DiCocco was again locked out of  Facebook on March 20, 2018, again for making threats. This time against a poster who he believed was Julian Lee. Increasingly paranoid, DiCocco thinks that anyone who criticizes him is Julian Lee posing as somebody else. He immediately created a new Facebook page ironically called "astrology truth train" as an alternate Facebook account. DiCocco was again locked out of this account #2 on April 3rd, 2018 -- at least 3 lockouts in two months.

19 .
DiCocco is shy to call himself an "astrologer," preferring the ersatz term "astrologist."
He also refers to himself as an "entertainer" and "comedian." Is "astrologist" used by DiCocco because he knows he's only a dilettante astrologer and really a marketer? But at the same time, he is a 'sudden master of every astrological specialty.'

DiCocco's Twitter masthead as of March 26, 2018.  The "Truth Train" astrologist doesn't really live in Los Angeles.

 In 2016 DiCocco stated astrology was only his "hobby" because he had not yet begun to do paid readings. As recently as April 3, 2018 DiCocco told an inquirer, Dave, that astrology was only a "hobby" for him.

DiCocco telling an inquirer that astrology is just his "part-time hobby."

But his strategy was to become a famous internet personality and "Youtube astrologer" to jack up fees for "readings" anyway. Though lacking experience by 2017 DiCocco was demanding high fees for readings, which he doesn't even do in person, in the range of $300 or more.  DiCocco once wrote that he is an astrological "generalist" -- without a specialty. But he proffers readings in all kinds of specialties. In a short amount of time he claimed ability in everything: Mundane Astrology, Political Astrology, Medical Astrology, Death Prediction, Predicting the Weather, Financial Astrology, Vedic Astrology(!), Relationship Astrology, Earthquake Astrology, the Fixed Stars -- and anything else he can think of. After stating that he doesn't think much of locational astrology, saying "Wherever you go, there you are," he began offering "Astrocartography" readings (Locational Astrology). Though not having even one relocated client to his credit, he presents himself as an expert in this field.

GianPaolo DiCocco only gives his readings to a recording device, not to the client in person. He says this is because if he gets interrupted by the client he will "lose his train of thought." The client does not have a chance to confirm or deny the truth of his statements, give feedback, ask questions, or be truly known by DiCocco. For "relationship readings" DiCocco charges $100 for "15-20 minutes." DiCocco spent a long time trying to become a doctor, a pathologist, so he liked "astropathologist" for his real chosen profession of attacking astrologers. This did not refer to Medical Astrology, a term DiCocco would have known. But when someone referred to "astropathologist" as a "non-existent discipline," DiCocco suddenly became a Medical Astrologer and came out with a reading on "the astrology of breast cancer" to create confusion. 

He says racist things to African-Americans.

When an African-American astrologer "The Peace Dealer/Michael" criticized him in a video, DiCocco began throwing racist allusions at Peace Dealer. He called him a "thug." He began calling him "Peace Crapper." He taunted Michael with a dancing .gif showing the rapper Snoop Dog at on his Facebook and calling them Michael's "posse" -- even though Peace Dealer has no association with rap music:

Then DiCocco made a graphic representing Peace Dealer: A toilet with a peace symbol (hand) about to be flushed down it. Some reacted to DiCocco's racism this way:

This blog page contains the following statement about DiCocco:
"There is reason to believe he is a bigot. Two black astrologers claimed he used the “N” word at them."

From DiCocco's "teaser" for his attack video on Peace Dealer.

Though trying to build up a business by attacking other astrologers, DiCocco has been accused of foraging for other astrologers' ideas and statements, then presenting them as his own. This is mentioned in this blog. Julian Lee has heard DiCocco taking phrases and ideas that Lee presented in his reading to DiCocco, presenting them as his own knowledge on the internet.

In the statement above DiCocco says "Astrologers know that the quincunx is a lottt worse than a square." One more bare assertion and fabrication. It would be hard to find such a statement in astrological literature. What he's doing is trying to quote Julian Lee from his reading, not anything generally agreed by astrologers. Then he makes another original assertion about
Mercury-Quincunx-Neptune, but does not tell us who called it "the ultimate lying aspect" or where this is written. DiCocco pulls statements that have no basis out of his ass. Recently DiCocco appears to have copycatted other astrologers to make a prediction about the French election. After two other astrologers predicted Marine Le Penn would win, DiCocco mocked and abused them. A week later, with round #1 a few days away and Le Pen polling high, DiCocco shamelessly jumped on the bandwagon and also predicted a Le Pen win.

This copycatting is even apparent in his failed "attack on American soil" prediction. YouTube commenters pointed out that another YouTube astrologer made a similar prediction prior to his; he was purloining her stuff. At that time DiCocco acknowledged it in posts (since deleted) where he groused that another astrologer might have "misled" him. So the "cosmos" had to copy another astrologer whose prediction ended up a bust. These posts on the "attack" thread, not yet deleted, refer to DiCocco's copycat attempts at divination:

DiCocco appears to put great time and energy into marketing and self-promotion. This includes a great many "reviews" of his readings from cipher-looking or possible shill accounts. DiCocco has "clients" gushing about their "reading" but their reviews read like radio ads. They say things like "Contact GianPaolo!" and often use the same terms like "insightful" and "on point." (One of DiCocco's favorite terms.) Most accounts that praise or defend DiCocco have no history, avatar, favorites, or personal identity. They may be cases of DiCocco praising himself. Or they may be accounts utilized by paid marketer-shills with whom DiCocco has a reciprocal relationship. A recent cipher account asked "Do you sell t-shirts?" (Hoping to stoke his "MAGA" T-Shirts and mugs business?) Some of the gushing posts come from an actual digital marketer. DiCocco seemed to want a shortcut to "astrological greatness" and high fees based on name-building and marketing, not based on a solid track record with clients or service.

Notice the obvious marketer language used: "If you Love watching these videos..." / "very specific readings." / "Enthralled." / It's as if they are saying things DiCocco has instructed them to say.  (If he is not in fact the writer.) "Kind and considerate" is an obvious bid to re-engineer the caustic, brutal image that he has well-earned. Both of them want to "get them for their families." For a sample of what DiCocco's readings are actually like, click here. He has no real knowledge of his own. (Warning, obscene language and boring reading from popular books and software text.)

The Cookbook Astrologer

The fact that DiCocco simply reads from popular astrology books for his "readings," changing the wording a bit, shows that he doesn't even rise to the level of "cookbook astrologer" though that term of derision is often applied to him. (See video featuring one of his readings at top of page.) Though he suddenly presents himself as the world's greatest astrologer, there is no evidence he has  significant experience in any field of astrology. His experience with readings is negligible, only starting them in 2016 based on his online statements. He has presented no original research like identifying patterns from multiple cases. He seldom provides any cite to back up his opinions or predictions (many predictions are safely far away in time). Most of the time DiCocco simply invents statements based on willfulness or creative idea-matching. Like, when he said "Saturn-in-Capricorn brings cold winters." He stated it as a fact, as if there was research to back this up, yet the historical record contradicts this. When he does resort to books written by other astrologers, he ends up a "cookbook astrologer." This is a derogatory term astrologers use for people who simply pass on the contents or opinions of published books, rather than having their own experience or insight into charts. He does at times pick up random ideas from articles and books then asserts a "fact" about someone or a prediction while name-dropping a few technical factors present in that chart alone. His "cookbook" level seems verified by the fact that, selling his readings, DiCocco says they are based on "meticulous research." The "research" could only refer to him reading up on books regarding his client's factors, and regurgitating it.

Astrologers often express disgust with DiCocco, as seen at this blog: where he's called a quack by students of astrology: "Love his mantra and exploitative branding...'Make Astrology Quack Again!' This guy is obviously a pretender. I hope [his] post was a joke or something..."
Or here. Or this thread: "The Worst YouTube Astrologer--GianPaolo DiCocco." Below: DiCocco defending himself as a "real astrologer."

DiCocco is a study in grandiosity.

Displaying the polar opposite of humility at all times, DiCocco is a great way to learn about the quality called "grandiosity." If he makes three videos it's a "Trilogy." He calls his statements "historic." His latest opinions  and assertions, "revelations." If DiCocco is a master of anything, he's a master of hype. He refers to himself in the Third Person: "GianPaolo announces...GianPaolo will now reveal....' Verbally, he is a stereotype of those old Carnival Barkers from the Old American days of carnivals and country fairs. (Sometimes the term "snake oil salesman" is used to describe these types.)

He has called himself "the voice of the cosmos" -- even "the cosmos" itself. He sees himself as the distributor of 'justice' (especially to anybody who offends him by criticizing him) -- a demigod who sits at his mother's house in Pasadena and distributes karma. When he's obviously wrong in a prediction -- he's never really wrong, always inventing some excuse. He sees his unripe astrological conjecturing and personality hate fest as revolutionizing the field of astrology and finally making it "great" as in mythical times.

Everybody is defective except the Sudden Astrologer of Pasadena. Everyone is lesser than him. (If he temporarily fawns over some astrologer, as with The Leo King, you can sure he'll soon turn on him like a jilted lover.) His statements about himself and his pronouncements are rife with hyperbole and exaggeration -- what the locals used to call "hornswaggle."

DiCocco does the opposite of what he claims, and extreme hypocrisy is basic with him, like when the master of negativity complains about "negativity" from commenters on his threads. He states that his YouTube channel is for "lovers of love,"  but he regularly attacks other astrologers in abusive ways, and is abusive to commenters who disagree with him. He complains about "slander" but harshly slanders whoever passes before his eyes. One blogger wrote that DiCocco is really about making "astrology hate again." One long-time astrologer has become so down hearted about DiCocco's attacks and mockery -- presented on DiCocco's "love" YouTube channel -- that he looks like he has aged and says he is retiring. He gets abundant critical posts at all his channels, but fastidiously deletes them all and blocks the offender. DiCocco appears to practice "projection" -- whatever he feels guilty about, or fears about himself, he accuses others of that very thing. Thus he's always calling people "frauds" and "charlatans," and a great many other things. On his recent video responding to an expose by "Peace Dealer," DiCocco preaches to his audience about posting negative posts on his channel, saying:
'Remember what your mother said: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.'
Then in the same video -- this one video alone -- DiCocco proceeds to say these not-nice, negative things:

About Michael (Peace Dealer):
Calls him "peace creeper" 12 times. / Five times called him "peace crapper" / Accuses him of "thuggish behavior" / Accuses him of being a "drug dealer," a "fraud," and a "phony" / DiCocco cries about Peace Dealer doing a  "hit piece" on DiCocco (Note: Hit pieces are mostly what DiCocco does.) / DiCocco wants to "castrate" him / That he is a "bigot and racist" / That he "doesn't believe in peace nor is he all about peace" / "You are all being greatly deceived by this character" / "The only thing that brings him peace is feeling very secure while engaging in deceitful financial schemes" / That he "is not in astrology to spread's really all for the money and will abuse anybody he can" / "This guy is not in it for peace okay, he’s just in it for the money (Note: Dicocco begs for donations earlier in the video)  /  That he is "hell-bent on acquiring security and he will deliberately manipulate anybody deceitfully in order to milk" / That he directs "racism and bigotry" "towards women." / That Peace Dealer can "go batshit crazy in the blink of an eye!" / That he has "pomposity and narcissism" / That he is "heading for disaster." / Finally DiCocco "raps" this: "yo yo I'm the peace creep I'll hook you up I'm your drug dealer I'm a fraud and a phony I'm no healer I don't spread peace I'm the peace creeper"

About Julian Lee:

"This is a real slithery snake / Is "deceitful" / " fueled by racism bigotry hatred and neonazism" / "is guilty of being an anti-semite and a hater of Jewish people / Has "psychopathic behavior" / "goes completely batshit crazy"

About Joni Patry:

Says she is "tacky and disgusting" / Is "hypocritical" / Is  "very racially motivated" / Says "We have dirt on her like you wouldn’t believe" /
Her natal chart is "nothing but a disgustingly filthy chart..."there’s no way to describe this" / Her chart is "terribly corrupt" / That her chart shows "intense manipulation and criminality"

About The Leo King (David Palmer):

That he "had this coming to him (a divorce? DiCocco's attacks?) / That Leo King and Peace Dealer are "two peas in the same pod that are currently rotting"

DiCocco obviously reads astrology books, often touting them in his videos. He has hired many astrology readings for himself for years. For years he  can be found asking questions about astrology to other posters at He posted there as PD187540.
But DiCocco states he had "no teacher but the cosmos."

Day after day, news sites like feature major events and headlines that  DiCocco fails to predict.

DiCocco makes technical errors and distortions and plays fast and loose with astrological facts. He states that he does not have Mercury-square-Neptune because it's a tiny bit over 10 degrees. (Fascinatingly, the circus master and hoaxer P.T. Barnum also had Mercury-Square-Neptune, and it was a weaker square that DiCocco's.) DiCocco stated that Marine Le Pen has her Part-Of-Fortune "strongly conjunct" the midheaven of the French Aries Ingress chart. But her POF is 2 degrees away, not a close conjunction for a mathematical point. DiCocco stated that astrologer Julian Lee has Pluto in the 5th House (DiCocco stands by natal charts) but it's in his natal 4th.

DiCocco keeps saying that he has a long waiting list for readings.
But when asked about a reading lately, he said he could do it right now. He always states that he is booked far out, a couple months, but "has a few slots left open." Despite his "generalist" all-over-the-board astrology, DicCocco has stated that he has done "a few hundred" relationship readings. But none of his gushing "reviews" (often written by cipher-looking Youtube accounts who write in the same way) refer to relationship readings.

30 .
Recently somebody suggested to DiCocco that he set up a "GoFundMe" account. DiCocco said this was a great idea because it would allow him to pursue his astrological work. An astrologer with a waiting list will have a good income.

He has a gullible audience

His following is awed and impressed by the fact that he uses arcane astrological terms and he speaks with an attitude of certainty. They are people with a strong political orientation who are also interested in astrology.  They enjoy seeing their political views validated with occultism. His fans don't require that he provide any evidence or examples to support his assertions. After he spouts off a list of technical factors that "explain" a thing that already happened (child's play for talkers) -- they go "Wow. Amazing." They like that he is entertaining, funny, and attacks people. His hardcore fans don't mind if his prediction doesn't come true. They resonate with his personality including his viciousness.

Lacking real study of astrological factors, he looks at astrology charts like a Tarot card reader, mixing and matching symbols creatively. Like someone saying: "There are two blue cars out on the street. That means the people in that house are eating a pizza and are always late with their house payment."  For example, he has associated "Jupiter in 5th" with "sex offenders" though there is no basis in research for this and it contradicts logic. (Jupiter is a moral planet and a benefic.) His pronouncements are fulminations of his own mind.  If his "method" were used on him it might look like this:
"GianPaolo DiCocco has sex with his mother -- because he has Mercury in Virgo."
(Though Mercury-in-Virgo is not associated with such things.)
DiCocco makes assertions about charts based on his mere will, without supporting evidence from books or other cases. For example, he loves to point to Ingress Charts (Aries Ingress, etc.) yet doesn't present other examples where such charts worked to predict in similar situations. He might point to the Arabic "Part Of Fortune," yet gives no indication he has made a study of the Part Of Fortune as a reliable predictive device by pointing to cases. (Why not use the Arabic "Part of Misconduct By Women"? Or the "Part of Slaves"?) He uses  a broad mish-mash of astrological ideas he has read in books, just throwing terms around to impress the gullible. Nothing he has actually tested. That is, rather than basing his statements on his own experience with a given factor, or even cases in literature, he uses astrology like a malicious psychic-with-an-agenda.

There is one more peculiar feature of DiCocco's approach to "readings": He views the natal chart as indicating "what's going to happen" at any time he chooses, in any situation, without resorting to the question of transits or acknowledging that variability and variety occur throughout the life of the native (with the chart).
He speaks as though he believes natal charts constantly create the same thing at all moments in time.
A natal chart will show some of the things that happen in a long life, good and bad, but they don't show "what happens every day, repetitively, life long." There are good and bad times according to transits/progressions; winning and losing times.
But any time DiCocco picks a war with an astrologer or enemy, he looks at the natal chart as telling what will happen right now, in his little battle at that moment. In other words, he believes natal charts show what will happen at whatever moment DiCocco decides to to look at them. This is another indicator DiCocco approaches natal charts like Tarot cards. As a better analogy: DiCocco takes his fresh glance at a natal chart as being like an I-Ching coin throw.  He does not keep track of transits as the prime way of analyzing situations, as astrologers do. He refers to them only sporadically. His understanding appears to be: "An time I look at a natal chart, the fixed natal aspects (which never change) tell me what's happening now and how it will come out."  This is a strange thing about DiCocco and shows him as stuck in a Tarot card way of approaching astrology. It is not an astrologer's approach at all. In fact, most of DiCocco's pronouncements about others' natal charts appear to be spontaneous, addled, ill-considered, emotional, and uncocked expressions of animosity and negative will.

Lee stated that the corrected chart for California looked even better, that career improvement would have occurred in either northern or southern Calif. and he continued to advocate that DiCocco move to California, doing free follow-up readings with him. DiCocco followed Lee's advice twice, moving to California twice. DiCocco reported getting a good position there after chronic unemployment, including "highest salary I ever had." Though DiCocco had a pleasant reaction to Lee's pleasant reading as he gave it, got good results in Calif. (even fame and a new identity),  and even though Lee refunded DiCocco fully on his demand, DiCocco still attacks Lee's reading as "horrendous," openly intends to damage Lee's reputation and income, while he complains about Lee's politics, which is probably his real motive.  He frequently posts Lee's political opinions with scandalized outrage, especially in any area that concerns Jews.

DiCocco has stated repeatedly that he liked Los Angeles in 2013. Yet during his reading with Lee, about Los Angeles he said: "It didn't feel right."

DiCocco states that he has been studying astrology for many years, and that he knows all about "astrocartography." So he would have moved to California more astrologically-educated than most. But he blames his "bad roommates" and "legal problems" there on Lee.

DiCocco appears to be sue-happy, frequently talks about suing people, or companies, or the government, and has had at least one restraining order placed on him by an employer he was planning to sue. He constantly threatens to sue Mr. Lee when Lee started defending himself online.


DiCocco over time speaks more and more vaguely when it comes to predictions, often preferring to just ask questions like 'Will it happen?' or 'Could it be?'

DiCocco seems to make predictions in line with his personal political desire. After telling his audience what "the astrology says" should happen, he may say a thing should be done "to fulfill the astrology."  In world events, he typically predicts the outcome that would be most favorable to Israel. Is DiCocco really a political operative? Was his attempt to create credibility with the Trump prediction for purposes of functioning as political psy-operative and influencer of the public on behalf of Israel?

DiCocco often gets annoyed by the questions of those who inquire about his readings, and he often speaks abusively about the inquirer later or mocks them on his Facebook/Twitter channel. In one case he doxed  the face and name of the person who annoyed him.

40 .
DiCocco states repeatedly that he lives in "Los Angeles." This is probably because he wants to make money giving astrological readings and thinks it's more impressive to be a "Los Angeles astrologer." He dismisses this confusion saying: "I live in Los Angeles, plain and simple."  But it's not so plain and simple as most address databases place him in El Cerrito (Bay Area) while his trademark application states he lives in Pasadena. A private investigator on the east coast confirmed DiCocco really lives in Pasadena. With his mother.

41 .
DiCocco is apparently a Jew, exclaims about "anti-semitism,"
expresses social and political views that are typical for Jews.
He denies he is Jewish while claiming his prime target Julian Lee -- is a Jew.

DiCocco states that he is not Jewish but is Catholic because he went to Catholic school. 
Many Jews have put their children into Catholic schools so his "I'm Catholic" is likely a typical ruse.  DiCocco looks Jewish, mocks the pope, has many Jewish followers on his Facebook -- even Israelis with Star-Of-David avatars. Whenever DiCocco has mentioned Israel in an astrology context his "predictions" are always protective of Israel and the implicit assumptions are pro-Israel. DiCocco gets angry about issues  Jews get exercised about. There is no one who DiCocco targets more viciously than astrologer Julian Lee, and Lee is an open critic of Jewish political and racial agendas. He calls Mr. Lee a "neo-Nazi." Likewise he portrays Edward Snowden as "Hitler." Recently DiCocco began claiming that Lee was really Jewish. DiCocco believed Mr. Lee would  feel humiliated by his charge. Lee responded: "No one should feel humiliated based on their ethnicity."

DiCocco has attacked the "genes" of a black astrologer who criticized him. He uses Jewish expressions relating to heritage and genes like "The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Jews set great store by genes and heritage.  DiCocco's expectation that Lee would feel humiliated by the charge is perhaps the best evidence of a Jewish point-of-view in DiCocco. (Julian Lee merely thought that the idea was amusing.)
Jews tend to recognize other Jews, and among the many Jews who follow DiCocco, some make it clear they recognize him as a co-ethnic. One of them quotes the Torah for DiCocco, the other makes a positive allusion to the Jewish nose:

DiCocco expresses a Jewish political viewpoint, always, taking the Zionist position in any reference to world events. Below he chirps "Bombs away" when the USA bombed Syria, and mocks the appearance of Assad. (Jews tend to dehumanize enemies.) Jews tend to advocate for attacks against states surrounding Israel.

Below: DiCocco draws Edward Snowden as "Hitler" because Snowden revealed information that exposed Israel and USA-Israel collusion in a  negative light, and implicated Israel in 9-11. DiCocco put a Hitler mustache on Snowden and used German blackletter font for Snowden's name.
These are absolutely the sentiments of a Jew, not a Gentile. In his prediction that Snowden would be 'much in the news' in 2017 (which was a fail), DiCocco visualized all sorts of torture and a long, agonizing death for Snowden. This was an example of DiCocco "predicting" the things he wanted to happen, putting them "out there" in pictures in a metaphysical bid to bring about this outcome -- something DiCocco is prone to.

Article: What Snowden revealed about Israel

It is reasonable to believe that DiCocco's extreme hatred of astrologer Julian Lee (he chose Lee as the first to attack in his new career) -- is due to Lee's criticism of Jewish political and cultural activity, i.e. because DiCocco considers Lee to be "anti-semitic" and that's the most unforgivable thing of all to the Jewish DiCocco. In this light everything about DiCocco's vitriol -- and his mendacity and bad faith use of astrology -- makes sense. It could be argued that "GianPaolo DiCocco" is the world's first "Jewish Astrologer," and his motivation was to simply use astrology for Jewish purposes.

42 .
He likes poop jokes.

DiCocco is very fond of toilet humor, poop jokes, and references to excrement.
As with astrological charts, he sees negative things in almost anything he looks at.

Ziggy DiCocco

DiCocco has a primal obsession with attacking astrologer Julian Lee, who tried to help him.

It could be argued that astrologer Julian Lee is DiCocco's whole raison-d'etre and that his career is centered around Lee (attacking him), with other astrologers just easy occasional distractions for DiCocco. DiCocco spends all his worst on the 30-year astrologer. The "truth train" creator has asserted that Julian Lee is:
-- Drunk during his readings (though he doesn't drink)
-- Uses drugs (though he doesn't)
-- Has cancer (he doesn't)
-- Has AIDS (doesn't)
DiCocco calls him a "fraud" and "racist," accuses him of being a "pedophile," a neo-Nazi, "psychotic," a serial killer, and says Lee is 'friends' with Steven Paddock (Las Vegas shooter).

DiCocco states that he gets these things from Lee's "astrological chart."

DiCocco likened the natal chart of 
Lee to that of murderer Charles Manson -- because they both have "Sun Conjunct Venus" (a common natal aspect). In another case he said Mr. Lee is a serial killer because he has Mars-Square-Pluto. (The Dalai Lama, Ann Coulter, Muhammed Ali, Margeret Thatcher, and Oprah Winfrey...also have Mars-Square-Pluto and so do mass numbers of people.) DiCocco also states that a wide range of critical posters and correspondents -- all with different writing styles -- are all really Julian Lee posing as someone else.

Julian Lee

According to Mr. Lee Paul DiCocco speaks falsely. He states that he has never been a drinker, has never been interested in Nazism or admired Hitler. (Lee is much more interested in writing his commentary on the Yoga-Sutra.) He states that he doesn't hate people based on race, and his writings for years have confirmed that. He is healthy. He has also never been accused of perversions or crimes -- except by Paul DiCocco.

Sometimes DiCocco, channeling communist agitators, uses a flier used by the Portland antifa to harass Mr. Lee seven years ago which called him "Nazi Trash" because Lee criticizes Jewish political and cultural activity. DiCocco appears to be fond of the antifa flyer, perhaps because it's false; and expresses a basic Jewish impulse. (See Item #42 for a good theory on DiCocco's real motives for attacking Mr. Lee.) DiCocco is attempting to piggy-back on the shadowy antifa's youth's harassing flier, ascribing to it all truth, for the purpose of harming Lee's reputation as an astrologer. In attacking Lee DiCocco appears to view himself as a kind of Jewish "David" attacking an astrological Goliath. DiCocco admits that he founded his whole career as a Youtube Personality on attacking Mr. Lee, who has always had a high reputation in his field:

"Grand Master Charlatan" is DiCocco's way of referring to Lee. In what DiCocco calls an "atrocious reading," you can easily hear Lee's sincerity, positivity, and concern for DiCocco's well being, as well has his much knowledge and skill in his work. He's articulate throughout, and obviously cared about helping DiCocco with his sad life. DiCocco calls Lee a "charlatan" because Lee had the wrong birth year for DiCocco. He wants that error to define Lee's entire work. When asked about this, Lee  stated that the error was a divine intervention that he is grateful for and proof of the divinity behind his work:

"I've always felt God was with me in my readings. For me this is another sign of that. Had I helped that man any more than I did, I would have felt raped. But God intervened and foiled my effort because he did not deserve my full help. Even impaired, my California recommendation gave him too much: His best job ever, best pay ever, and even fame. Yet he chose to attack me -- even after refunding him, proving his nature. He attributes his whole life to me. I'll accept that I helped create him in his present negative incarnation. He basically acquired too much power for a time. Fortunately it's temporary. I now have a stain on me by somewhat empowering a person who is inclined to evil. The thought that God prevented me from giving him my full help, to attenuate and control my giving nature, gives me more bliss and faith. I thank God every day I didn't have his correct birth year, and that secrets of power remain hidden from him. The DiCocco episode is evidence to me that God is always behind me in my work. The episode has also inspired me to do more political writing, which was probably necessary, and will help protect the world and the Peoples. Though DiCocco's goal has been to hurt my calls and my livelihood, that hasn't happened. I'm swamped with calls. Many from the internet as usual. All that's happened is I'm getting more clients who have similar political views to me."
-- Julian Lee
Also See: Julian Lee And The Jews

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